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Christmas Parties.ie is brought to you by MCE Events, one of Ireland’s leading events and entertainment solutions providers. At MCE Events, we know that no two Christmas party celebrations are alike so we listen to our clients, understand the requirement to create the perfect party plan and deliver a seamless celebration!

Christmas Parties.ie combines the 50 years industry experience of the MCE Events team with a clear and definite focus on your company’s Christmas gathering. Christmas Parties.ie have built a solid reputation since 2000 in providing the highest standards of event management and entertainment services to a broad range of clients from large multinational companies to private individuals. This has given us an insightful understanding of our clients and their needs which will give you the reassurance you need that your Christmas party is in the best hands!

We are more than event planners, we are that extra member of your team providing high quality, creative event solutions in an efficient, cost effective and accountable way – which just about sums up our core principals.